About Us

Nexus6 Software Pty Ltd (ABN: 65 096 841 244) is a software development and services company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Nexus6 Software is the team behind the Southrock Learning Management System, SouthrockLMS.

We also offer software development, support and hosting services for web applications.

Things you should know about us:
  • We are solely based in Australia. We don't out-source development to offshore contractors.
  • We are a real software development organisation that uses real software engineering methodologies.
  • We offer fixed-price (quoted) work for budgeting certainty, as well as time and materials (hourly) rates if requirements are hard to lock down and flexibility is key.
  • We work well with international clients.
  • Our average staff IT industry experience is over 12 years and we formed in 2006.
  • We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to technology. Each set of requirements is unique - that is what makes designing, building and supporting the solution interesting.